7 African-inspired Interior Design Ideas for Your Home


If you are passionate about Africa and African culture, it might be time to match your passion with your home decor. 

The African style interior design is dynamic, colorful, and bold, characterized by lots of colors and different textures, carried through geometric and organic forms, natural materials, wood and linen. 

Accents of African interior are easy to incorporate in almost every home -  whether modern, traditional, minimalistic or eclectic. Even one piece of interior decor can bring vibrancy and earthiness to your little sanctuary called home. 

I have prepared a list of inspiring home interior design elements that would bring your living space more exotic. Here are seven African-inspired interior design details to revive your home.

Colorful Wall Art

Wall art is arguably the most straightforward element to implement. There are several options how to integrate the colorful art onto your home walls. 

  1. It can be the finishing detail for pulling a space together and creating a unique and inspiring ambiance. 
  2. Canvases will take the room from appearing solely functional to looking ready to be photographed for an interior design magazine. African-inspired wall art often includes tribal ornaments, animals, and nature. 

Tribal Pattern Pillows

The other effortless way to bring some colors of Africa into your own home is through decorative cushions. Throw pillows deliver both an aesthetic and functional purpose. 

Use decorative pillows to tie in a color palette of the room by drawing on the pigments in drapes, walls, or area rugs. 

When thinking about the best use of colors to gift your space that African safari feeling, think about natural and earthy shades, like:

  • clay and mud, or
  • terracotta in orange, red, deep green and brown shades.

Combined with bright and geographical patterns, these pillow colors will bring safari vibes to your living room or lounge area.

Handmade Woven Storage Basket 

Handmade woven baskets bring spirit and personality to the home. If you are captivated by African culture, that might be just the item to include in your home. 

The baskets are both decorative and functional, focusing on raw surfaces, soft shapes, and natural materials. Use them as laundry or storage baskets or as plant pots. 

There are even possibilities to order fair trade handwoven baskets straight from Africa to support the local communities. 

Iconic Butterfly Chair 

The iconic Butterfly chair is one of Africa’s design exports that never dates.First used in the 19th century, it is very similar to the legendary Tripolina chair. The Butterfly is a perfect accent for a hallway, patio, or living room. 

Decorate the chairs in vibrant tribal ornaments or faux leather for an exotic safari experience at home. Who knows, maybe it will take you on an imaginary safari trip across Africa. 

Wax Print Drum Lampshade 

In a busy and stressed everyday life, we find calm in making our homes a sanctuary. In light of COVID-19, with more people working and living at home, lighting is essential in controlling mood in the room. 

If you would like to make your room sing with color, consider incorporating an African drum lampshade into your interior. Place it on a nightstand, coffee table or chest of drawers to bring color and good energy to your home. 

Geometrical Pattern Wall Baskets  

Sustainability is deservingly a keyword of 2021 in the world of interiors. Handmade items crafted from natural materials will be popular in the next several years.

Creating a space with grounding elements is what many people seek in their home decor. Wall baskets have long taken a significant stand connecting indoor details with natural items. 

There are many different styles and colors of woven baskets, but the most traditional material is wicker. Combine wall baskets with other wall decors or use them as stand-alone interior pieces. 

Sahara Colour Story Duvet

When choosing an interior design for your home, we recommend shaping it after your  personality. When choosing textiles that would bring Africa vibes to your bedroom, try to look for saturated colors and eye-catching patterns of zig zags, geometric and diamond-shaped figures. 

Some of the best interiors and design ideas have been brought to us by Africa, as the large, diverse continent has long been inspiring artists all over the world. I hope that this article will inspire you to bring a little part of African graphics, vibrant colors, and exquisite craftsmanship to your home.

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