Africa collection

The first collection of works "Africa" ​​- the continent that has permeated my life since childhood. It is difficult to explain how much I have always been enticed by this continent. How did Africa resound in the blood of a Latvian girl? The heart beats in the rhythm of the rumba lived through by barefoot footsteps, thus indulging in exploring inner self. A smile blooms in white pearls, but the skin can survive only caressed by the sun.

And then the soul slips into hundreds, not thousands of particles, like small dots, to be healed by the beautiful rainbow path. So seemingly strange dreams and yet understandable? Maybe swans have brought these longings to me. Or more likely, one of the storks, which arranged a nest on the native side of little me every year after the last snow. Sliding across the chimneys, these royal bearers of hope were telling about a distant land where the sun was born.

There, everything that blooms is more colorful than elsewhere, there live creatures of giant hearts and also size - the elephants, who are able to grasp with their snout gently as if caressing. There lives magic, secrets, primal power, the promise and answers. And I have listened, longed, waited, and uprised with my winged friends every autumn. Until the fate decided to reward me. I have reached Africa in the most incomprehensible time and way. And - for the first time in my life I saw colors. Felt myself. How the life flows. How the blood sheds. How everything desired and unwanted has its price... This land spit her out same way as it sucked me in. It took a long time for me to return to Africa. Now a completely different woman. Paid the full price to finally be free to follow myself. It turned out that Africa was waiting for me. As a loving mother, she opened her arms wide and showed all the best she had. "I trust you," the wind whispered. An African gold silhouette was obtained around the woman's neck as a promise of love and Matea was born. As an affirmation for all the girls in the world who follow their dreams. But the stippling technique is the artist's active meditation. This is how Matea appears, leaving everything outside the world where the artwork is born.

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