Stippling artwork "Tiger"

This tiger is a small departure from the African theme in my works. I can't stop admiring nature's miraculous ability to create something so majestic and wonderful. This work does not require much explanation, and each person has their own inner feelings that it creates. Maybe that's why this work has gained a lot of popularity among buyers. Each point has its own place to form the glow of a tiger fur. Those are very fine details that together make up the fluff. To dot the lightness of details is the most difficult part. This was a long but very meditative process. I wanted to dot this tiger so when looking at his eyes you could feel the purposeful soul of this big cat.



Stippling artwork "Eye"

This work is my first acquaintance with the mirror of my soul. Dotting my own eye was a very personal experience. Dot by dot, I encounter memories, adventures, and events over the years. Both the envy of pain and the miracle of love have permeated this work. As a result, I looked into myself through the reflection of my eyes and realized that it is a wonderful feeling to be  aware of yourself. I am! - it cannot be changed. I am doing it! - it can be a choice. I very much hope that this work will also inspire you with a clear vision and goal to do what really excites you and to perceive all experiences as another reason not to give up.



Stippling portrait "Jemila - Beautiful Somali Lady"

I started dotting this work of art directly from the most beautiful part of the photo - the blue scarf.

It's like choosing the focus, seeing what is so special in this image. This work required me to pay special attention to be able to depict the beautiful face and skin of Jemila. Here, when dotting, a lot of different colors I used to highlight her cheekbones and make her face so alive. This was the second time I did it by ‘Dot-By-Dot Technique’. At the first time, I stopped after 5 hours of work to realize that there are too many details and you have to think about them right away. Dressed in a festive costume, she recalls a beautiful culture which, although no longer widely practiced because of the prevailing Islam in the country, is deeply rooted in her heart.





Stippling portrait "Amal - Hope from Morocco"

When creating this dotted painting, I encountered a real test in combining colors. Amala is a gorgeous African woman who, although gentle in nature, is proud of her origins and believes in the future of her country, Morocco. Her tenderness is evidenced by her elegant posture and attitude, while her bright scarf and costume tell of her ethnicity, showing the courage to be in her homeland and believe in its essence. Morocco is beautiful not only in movies, its magic can be seen also in life. I was creating this dotted work for 12 hours. The feelings were the same as after a sleepless night, when thoughts travel and special emotions open, when you are sad about the sorrows of the whole world, but at the same time captivated and happy about its beauty.




Stippling portrait "Aara - Queen of South Africa"

She is a goddess! Honorable Queen of South Africa – Aara. 👑

Strong in her thoughts and actions. Have seen and experienced a lot, she has learned to look over things, allowing her femininity to flourish.

Dot by dot I made her dress, the sun-kissed skin, and all over there is her feeling: "I'm strong, I can do so much!".





Stippling portrait "Oprah Winfrey"


Oprah Winfrey is a strong woman to be inspired by following her life. She is one the greatest women to look up to and find inspiration to spread love and inspiration around the world. I have created portrait of her in stippling technique honoring this magnificent women and her admirable legacy.






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